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 Eastleighwood Youth Forum is a media based and youth led organization that is based in Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate. Eatleighwood Youth Forum was started 2011 after the Kenya defense forces went into Somalia and Eastleigh, its population and businesses were under propaganda attack that was formulated by the media.

This organization was started to tell our perspective of the story, the story of the Somali Kenyans and Eastleigh story and fight the propaganda that it is the Somalia population in the country that was behind the terror activities that were being witnessed for the first time. We also fearlessly countered the propaganda that Eastleigh’s booming business was benefiting from piracy money from Somalia.

Eastleighwood Youth Forum has always been in the forefront in fighting for the good name of Eastleigh and ensuring that there was security and peaceful coexistence between Somalis and non Somalis.

We did this by engaging the youth and training, entertaining and making them do meaningful things in life than engage in crime or fall for the terror call. We also do forums where we bring Somalis and non Somalis together so that we understand and accommodate each other as neighbors and fellow citizens.

The intolerance and inter tribal and inter religious clashes we use to witness in Eastleigh in the past are now things of the past. EYF’s efforts bared the fruits of flourishing businesses and peaceful coexistence we see today.

EYF is seeking to partner with the Eastleigh Business Community in selling Eastleigh as a business hub and peaceful estate so as to counter the negative image the mainstream media portrays about it. EYF will do media advocacy and will produce a monthly 2 to 5 minutes documentary series that sell Eastleigh like the Dubai of today.

We will also use our Eastleigh News magazine in showing what people can get where when they come for shopping in Eastleigh. We will give coverage to malls that are registered with you and show what they sell and how competitive they are in their businesses.

We will lastly give special coverage to Eastleigh Business Community’s events so as show that you stand for the people and business of Eastleigh and you are committed to serve their interest first. Through our 9,000 proactive youth network, we will show the world that Eastleigh is where they can get all they want and Eatleigh is the home of peace and beauty.